Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cute Witchy Potion Pouches

Aren't these cute?? I made them to sell in my Etsy Shop!

They are made from black burlap. I printed out Eye of Newt, Frog Legs and Bat Wings onto muslin, cut out and hand stitched them to the fronts. 

Then, I stitched up the sides, stuffed them, doused them in my prim mixture of coffee, vanilla and of course cinnamon and left them in the sun to dry. I finished by tying them with twine, a cute cinnamon stick and a rusty safety pin and bell. Super cute alone, or in a set of three as shown on top!

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  1. Oh, these are wonderful! Thank you so much for linking them up to my Everything Halloween party! They will be featured on my blog this afternoon...;)